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Kyle has been doing design work for me for over three years. Everything from wall calendars to promotional flyers, greeting cards and art brochures. He has incorporated a new theme into my branding, which I love! Clients rave about my brochures! The professional touch that Kyle has added to my products, was well worth the investment.

- Idaho Scenic Images

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Questions and Answers

What is a design mockup?

Each mockup usually consists of a low resolution, watermarked, PDF draft of your product, including any text and images that you have provided. The purpose of the mockup is to determine the design and layout of the product, including any design elements, image selection, typeface selection, colour scheme, etc.  After you receive your mockup(s) you will be able to submit a round of revisions (the first round is free), or if you wish to pursue a different design entirely, you can request additional design mockups.

For products with eight pages or more, I provide mockups in two parts.  Part one includes the first four product pages along with a request for your feedback on the design direction. If you wish to pursue a different design direction entirely, you will be able to order more mockups at this point. Once you approve of the design direction, I will send you part two, which is a comprehensive mockup of the entire product.

Do you design books?  

I do not design books at this time.  I can design the cover for you and I can produce booklets that have up to 12 pages.

Six pages
Four pages
Two pages

What counts as a page?
Each face on the product (after the product has been folded) counts as a page.  See the examples below.  If your project consists of a single sheet that is printed on one side only, that counts as just one page.

Why are your prices so low?

There are several reasons for this. My unique pricing structure allows you to select all of the services that you need, and avoid paying for services that you don’t need. I save on overhead costs by working from my home office, and then pass those savings on to you. I also don’t have a 24 hour help line, but instead offer speedy service through email.

How long is your turnaround?

My turnaround is generally 4 to 7 business days for projects that contain less than 8 pages. Expect 7 to 15 business days for projects containing 8 or more pages. These estimates do not account for client response times, printing or shipping times.

Why don’t you offer design “plans” like other design services?

I believe that every project is different, and each client has different needs. I only bill you for the services you need and nothing more. Those cookie cutter style plans often place limits on your project, while including features that you don’t need or want. For example: You’ve ordered a four page brochure and you need 10 stock images in the design. Unfortunately, your cookie cutter plan only provides you with 6 stock images, but it does include up to an 8 pages of design services that you don’t need.  What a waste!